What is the FIU One Card?

The One Card is the official FIU on-campus student identification card, the ONLY card you will need on campus. All Florida International University students, faculty, staff, and university affiliates are required to carry their FIU One Card for identification purposes while on campus

How do I get my FIU One Card?

It’s easy! Just bring your class schedule for the current semester and a government issued photo I.D., such as your driver’s license, military id, or passport, to the FIU One Card Office at MMC or BBC, get your picture taken and get your card!

I have the old PantherCARD, do I need a new FIU One Card?

Yes. Students are now required to carry a new FIU One Card. If you are a student and currently have a PantherCARD, you must stop by the FIU One Card Office at your respective campus to get the new One Card. You may exchange your old PantherCARD for the new FIU One Card at no cost. If you have lost your old PantherCARD, you must pay $15 for the new One Card.

Can I have more than one card at a time?

No. For security measures, no person may obtain or possess multiple active One Cards simultaneously.

How long will my FIU One Card be valid?

Your One Card will be valid as long as you are registered for classes at FIU or are employed by the University.

Is there a fee for the FIU One Card?

Your first One Card is free. There is a replacement charge of $15.00 for a duplicate ID if your card is lost or damaged.

What is the $10.00 Photo ID fee?

The $10.00 annual, non-refundable, ID service fee is assessed as part of your tuition & fees once every academic year. It does not entitle you to a new ID card. This fee covers the cost of maintaining all the services provided by the One Card Office.

I am a University employee, as well as a student; can I have both forms of ID?

No. For security measures, no person may obtain or possess multiple One Cards simultaneously. Employment status supersedes student status (with the exception of OPS student workers) and therefore you will only be issued an employee ID; however your employee card will work for both student and employee purposes. Also, if you were a former student who is now a University employee, you must turn in your student card in order to receive an employee ID. Once you register for courses, you will be given access to any buildings necessary to attend your classes or services through the same One Card.

What do I do if my One Card stops working and I no longer have access to certain buildings?

If you’ve had access to a building in the past and your card has stopped working for door access, there may be a problem with the magnetic strip on the card. E-mail onecard@fiu.edu with concerns or questions regarding lost access. If the coding on your card has changed due to a new ID being issued or a change of door access has occurred, you may call key control at (305) 348-4677 to update your information in their system.

What is the FIU Cash Account?

The FIU Cash Account is a safe and convenient debit plan for students to pay for purchases on campus. It is a prepaid cash account that can only be spent on campus.  To establish your FIU Cash Account all you need to do is deposit money onto your account either online or through a revaluing station on campus. The blue magnetic strip on the back of your One Card is coded to your student identification number. Each time you swipe the card through a reader, it deducts the amount of the sale from your account. The FIU Cash Account can be used at on-campus restaurants, computer labs, the Fresh Food Company, the library, retail venues on campus, and the university bookstore. Each time you use your FIU Debit Account at a point of sale, your remaining balance will appear at the register.

What is the difference between my FIU Cash account and Dining dollars?

 Your FIU Cash account are funds you can use anywhere on campus including the FIU Bookstore, vending machines, copy/print, on-campus restaurants, etc. Dining dollars are part of a meal plan and/or meal passes which are associated with Panther Dining only. Dining dollars typically provide a discount for eating on campus but they must be purchased through Panther Dining via a meal pass. Dining dollars are not accepted at the bookstore or any other venue outside of Panther Dining locations.

Are there fees or other restrictions associated with the FIU Cash Account?

There is no fee or interest charged on your FIU Debit Account. However, there is a service fee for online deposits made with a credit card. There is also a withdrawal fee for students or employees who would like to withdraw funds from their account prior to graduation or termination of employment. The FIU OneCard debit account is intended for on-campus purchases, not cash withdrawals. Additional terms and conditions apply.

What is the difference between the 2 magnetic stripes on my One Card?

The blue magnetic strip on the back of your One Card is coded to your Panther ID number and can be used for all FIU functions including FIU Cash Account, library services, rec center services, meal passes, book advances, etc. The black magnetic strip gives you access to your linked Wells Fargo College checking account for ATM/debit purchases on and off campus.

I accepted a Book Advance and I did not use all the money, how can I get the remaining balance refunded?

If you would like to request a refund for your book loan, you must wait until after the add/drop period. Once the funds are transferred to the FIU Cash Account, you may then elect to request a refund on our website by selecting the withdrawal form.

My One Card was lost/stolen, how can I get a replacement card? Is there a fee?

If your card was lost or stolen, you must deactivate your card immediately on our website.  You may visit the One Card office to receive a duplicate ID and you will be charged $15.00 cash or check. If your card was stolen, you may bring a copy of your police report to reduce your replacement cost to $5.00.

Is my One Card considered personal property?

No. All University issued identification cards are the sole property of Florida International University. Florida International University reserves the right to, at any time, confiscate and revoke any privileges associated with the FIU One Card.