Book Advance

Get your books on time!

The Financial Aid Office begins to offer book advances prior to the beginning of each semester so that you may purchase books and supplies. If you qualify for a book advance, a “to-do” item will appear on your “To Do” list in your Student Center via Self Service and you will be notified through your FIU Email address.

How it Works

The Book Advance link will be posted on your MyFIU account. Links are generally posted to all qualifying student accounts 3 weeks prior to the start of each semester.  *If the total amount of your financial aid award for a semester (excluding FWS & Alternative/Private Loans) exceeds the cost of tuition and fees, you may be eligible for a Book Advance to purchase books, technology, supplies, and print at the beginning of the semester. If you qualify, you will be notified through your FIU Email address. To access the link, follow these steps:

Log in to MyFIU

Select your aid year, and click the “Accept/Decline Awards” link.


Confirm Selections

Confirm your selections by clicking “Submit”.  Click the “Financial Aid Book Advance” link to accept your book advance.


Using Your Funds

Book Advance funds will be available on your FIU One Card within 24 hours of the acceptance of your reward.  The entire amount of the Book Advance credited to your FIU One Card will be deducted from your financial aid award.


Using your funds ONLINE

Your Book Advance funds can be used to purchase course materials online at Once you have selected the items you would like to purchase, proceed to checkout. Imput your 7-digit Panther ID number in the “card number” field to use your Book Advance funds as payment.


Rolling over funds

After the last day of the semester’s drop/add period, you may use the remaining balance on your FIU One Card (now FIU Cash) wherever the FIU One Card is accepted. You may also request a refund from your card by following the instructions on the FIU One Card Terms and Conditions.

Hand holding FIU One Card

Where to Use

Barnes and Noble logo

Barnes & Noble at FIU

Use your book advance to purchase textbooks and supplies.

Ricoh Print, Pack and Ship Logo

Ricoh Copy, Print, Ship

Use your book advance to pay for printing syllabi and other items.

FIU Panther Tech Logo

FIU Panther Tech

Use your book advance to purchase technology devices and software.